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We've made a multi-million dollar investment in Jenkin's future with the purchase of the Powermat 2500 moulder.

We have been closely watching the residential consent data for New Zealand, Australia and the United States. There are some signs of growth. We want to understand whether this might be the beginning of a sustainable trend, so we've been asking what is behind this growth, and what the risks are of it collapsing again.

Australian home builders are showing renewed interest in light-weight cladding. That is good news for Jenkin as we look to launch our Jenkin A-lign cladding solutions in Australia later this year.

A new partnership between Dulux and Jenkin is delivering excellence in primer and paint support for our cladding. Dulux's premium grade architectural primers are being used across Jenkin's Tru-Pine and A-lign brands to ensure primer quality meets the highest industry standards.

The Jenkin A-lign Fencing solution is easy to install with exceptional street appeal. A fence designed to provide a stylish classic backdrop to your outdoor living spaces. To frame your garden. To add the finishing touch to your home, in just 12 easy steps.

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This is an 'interesting' time for the New Zealand building industry. Building consents are at a 46 year low and while a recovery is predicted the timing is difficult to forecast. Given this, people are surprised to find that at Jenkin we're talking about investment and growth.


Housing starts in Australia are predicted to continue to decline in 2012 after a fairly sharp slowdown in 2011. Price pressure on commodity products is now at a critical stage. That creates a special challenge for Jenkin to stand out from the crowd of commodity suppliers.

Jenkin Tru-Pine Span Tables have been updated to include the changes in timber standard AS1729.1-2010 and loading standard AS1170.0-2002, incorporating number 1,2 & 4 and AS1170.1-2002, incorporating amendments 1&2.

Timber weatherboards installed quickly without the hassle of nailing. That’s the beauty of the latest addition to our successful Jenkin A-lign cladding range, Jenkin A-lign Concealed Fix. The fixing system leaves the surface of weatherboards unbroken for greater weather protection and a finer finish.

Jenkin Timber is showcasing its innovative wood products and is offering factory tours as part of the REAL New Zealand Showcase during 5 September - 22 October 2011.