A-lign Concealed Fix

Jenkin has added an innovative option to the premium A-lign cladding solution — Concealed Fix.

The Concealed Fix system locks weatherboards tightly in place without the use of nails, so the surface of the weatherboard is unbroken. That means high moisture protection, no filling and puttying of nail holes, lower painting costs, and superior face finish.

The A-lign Concealed Fix option delivers all the benefits of the A-lign system — it’s BRANZ Appraised, and the pre-primed and undercoated bevelback weatherboards, internal and external scribers, pre-fabricated box corners, facings, weatherheads and sills, allow builders to install the cladding to the highest traditional standards.

The Concealed Fix option is even easier and faster to install, and an outstanding face finish can be achieved.