Tru-Pine Guidelines

Tru-Pine Profile and Information Flyer

For more information about Tru-Pine products, please download our Tru-Pine Profile and Information Flyer in PDF format.

Storage and Handling

Timber is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture in a damp environment and release it in a dry environment. If timber absorbs moisture, some dimensional swelling will occur.

  • To avoid moisture damage, store your Tru-Pine product in a dry environment away from damp ground until use.


  • Jenkin Tru-Pine is a premium exterior treated timber for above ground use only. Ensure a timber clearance of 100mm above paved surfaces or 175mm above finished ground level is maintained.

  • All exposed unprimed surfaces resulting from cut ends, mitres, notching, boring, punched nail holes or similar should be sealed with a suitable acrylic or oil-based premium exterior timber primer.

  • It is recommended that an approved preservative sealer (METALEX or equivalent) be used in addition to primer.

  • Flashings/Post caps should be fitted to exposed end and edge sections. For posts this prevents end grain exposure and moisture entrapment between beams when doubling up sections for structural purposes (ie x2 180x65 bolted together for 180x130)

  • The use of wire balustrades through posts is not recommended

Painting and Finishing

  • Once the product is in place, it should be spot primed and putty applied to all nail holes.

  • Ensure primed surfaces are clean and free from contaminants such as dust, grease or mildew.

  • Apply a minimum of two full coats of premium acrylic exterior house paint to recommended film thickness. For a better finish and extended paint durability we recommend the application of one full coat of premium quality OIL BASED primer undercoat. Use colours that have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45 to 100 (100 being pure white). Colours with a LRV of 44 to 0 (0 being pure black) progressively generate extreme surface heat when exposed to direct sunlight and can cause resin bleed, shrinkage, distortion and cracking. It will also reduce the service life of the paint coatings.


Paint system longevity depends largely on the environment and quality of the original paint system. A quality paint system should last in excess of 10 years.

  • We recommend a gentle annual washing of Tru-Pine exteriors. Washing, especially under eaves and overhangs, helps remove marine salts and other contaminants that have a detrimental effect on the long term life of the coating and substrate.

  • When maintenance is required use premium primer and undercoats followed by the original topcoat.

Made to Standard

  • Please refer to the Building Code of Australia guidelines or your local building authority/council to ensure correct construction practices are followed Jenkin Tru-Pine meets Service Class 3/AS5068 standards for structural products

Jenkin will not warrant product that does not meet the above specifications

Download the Tru-Pine paint specification sticker here.